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 Fixing up this place

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Fixing up this place Empty
PostSubject: Fixing up this place   Fixing up this place EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 2:35 pm

So with this final stand we need to try, give it our all to make this place like it used to be or at least somewhat close to it kay

Less personal talk more talk about whats going on here and now kay?

I've decided to start on making a new back drop but here's some color schemes

- Red and black
- Blues and Purples
- Green and Yellows and Oranges (Not to fond of this one but my sissy asked me to post it)
- Silvers and Blues

We need more members go onto your favorite sites and advertise us PLEASE

I want to get this place up and happy like and more people to say hi too sounds nice right?

So advertise us on places like:

-Marriland Forums
- Unifaction Forums
- Final Sunset Forums

(I bet you don't know at least two of those but meh)

I'm going to be doing my best to link us all around and get some membas

Also I'm getting Vampire's Curse forums done and finished soon so we'll also make that an associated forum kay?

Does anyone have any other sugestions?

Fixing up this place WHEEEE-1
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Fixing up this place
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