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 Azra Chronicles: Passion

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PostSubject: Azra Chronicles: Passion   Azra Chronicles: Passion EmptyFri Mar 12, 2010 6:03 am

The world of Azra, filled with beauty, but also tragedy. Magic is common in this world, but technology is rather scarce. This unbalance has brought the want to industrialize in some areas. And while this has never been totally pushed forward, it is still a problem. Nevertheless, there is chaos in this world, and it has the ability to break it apart. Despite this knowledge, the continents are at war, and there is further war within their nations. If the world is to survive, and remain as beautiful as it is, we must stop the wars. We must bring the peace. Each of you have been chosen to join I, Armanthia Collins, on my quest to bring peace to Azra.

-All forum rules apply.
-I will accept four others in this RP; this will be a rather small Statistical-RP, only consisting of 5 people.
-Please DO NOT post your application here. Only post it in the Character Sheets Thread.
-ONLY post in the Character Thread AFTER your character has been approved THROUGH PM.
-Pretty self-explanatory, otherwise. If you have any questions, PM me!


Name: The name of your character, Lv.1 (all characters begin at level 1)

Profession: This can be whatever you want. Here are some examples of some jobs: Warrior, Fighter, Black Mage, White Mage, Arcane Mage, Knight, Dragoon, Archer, Pirate, Dancer, Bard, Barbarian, Time Mage, Green Mage, Thief, Blue Mage, Summoner, Gambler, Trickster, Magician, Ninja, Samurai, Psychic Iniate, Equipment Kineticist, Fusilier, Beastmaster, and the list could go on. =3

Weapons: You pick your own weapons depending on what your job is. When you do, I will add them to the Inventory. The weapon must be weak though. Examples: A Pirate could start off with a Fragile Rapier, a Gambler could start off with Ripped Cards, a Fusilier could start off with Antique Pistol, or a White Mage could start off with a Cracked Staff.

Armor: It is the same sense as weapons. Examples: A Knight could start off with Rusty Mail, a Ninja could start off with Tattered Garments, a Beastmaster could start off with a Dirty Shawl, or a Black Mage could start off with Holey Robes.

Accessory: This one is a little different, but only slightly. Once again, you choose your own accessory and I will add it to the Inventory. You can name it anything you like and can be almost anything, but try to restrain yourself as the others have. The difference with this item is that you choose which stat boost you want. Here are the options: HP+5, MP+5, Atk+1, Def+1, Int+1, Spr+1. You can either boost your dominant stat or a stat that seems to be lacking…

A-Ability: This stands for Action Ability and is a summary of the definition of all your special attacks. For example: Time Mages can cast Slow, Stop, Haste, etc. and their overall A-Ability is called Time Magicks. A Dragoon can use Jump, Ice Breath, Fire Breath, Thunder Breath, Howling Gale, etc. and his A-Ability would be Draconic Artes (or something; feel free to be creative X3). A Barbarian can use Rage, Boulder Smash, Reckless Rush, etc. and his A-Ability would be called Immense Anger or something of the sort. I hope that clarifies it.

+ This is your first special attack and is dependent on your job and A-Ability once again. Just put what the NAME is, what the attack DOES, how much DAMAGE the attack deals, and the RANGE of the attack. Damage: This can be based on ATK or INT depending on your job. If you’re a Mage, then it would be INT. If you’re a Warrior, then ATK would be the best option. After that, you have to determine the percentage of that stat. Keep it between 100% and 120% for now. Example: Here could be the first attack for a Fighter-- Powered Strike: Punches the enemy with slightly increased power. 110% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent Cell. 9 MP. (I will determine MP cost based on a formula I have created).

+ Same thing as above. It is more or less another beginning technique.

A-Ability: This is your second A-Ability. Right now, it is set to “Item” as default. However, when you reach a certain level, you will be offered with a Job Promotion and could possibly have another A-Ability similar to the one above.

R-Ability: This stands for Reaction Ability. This is an ability that activates in response to a certain action. You can NOT start out with one of these. The only way you can get one is by expending 3 Skill Points which are rewarded at the end of battle. Example: Counter: When attacked, deals 50% of damage taken back at the enemy as long as it is within range. Immortal Body: When character is KOed, revives automatically in 3 turns with 20% HP. Pickpocket: When attacked, steals an item from the attacking enemy.

S-Ability: This stands for Support Ability which can be activated at the whim of the user unless the user decides to place a limitation on the ability. Support Abilities can only be used ONCE per battle unless the ability is always active (see Intangible). Examples: Spirit Tap: Restores 10% of Max MP for 5 turns after MP reaches an unusable amount. Intangible: Immune to Physical attacks, but Magickal attacks deal double damage. Dragon Power: Raises ATK by 25% for 3 turns.

D-Ability: This stands for Deathblow Ability. This is an exceptionally powerful ability, mainly because it has the power to pierce the enemy’s DEF and SPR. For this one, you MUST be creative. Just give your D-Ability a name and an element (Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Wind, Earth, Holy, Dark, or Neutral). This is the formula to calculate damage: Base ATK (INT if a spellcaster) x 2 x 2 (if enemy is weak against the element) = Total DMG. This ability also has the power to instantly kill an enemy with less than 50% HP (only if they are NOT a Boss creature). This ability can only be used ONCE per battle.

Stats: These will be determined by me depending on what job you choose, so don’t worry about it. Here are the stats that your characters will have when I give them to you:
- Hp: Hit Points. This is the measure of how much damage a character can endure before becoming incapacitated. If HP equals 0, then the character gains the KO status and can no longer participate in battle unless revived using an A-Ability or an item. If all characters are KOed, then the mission ends in failure.
- Mp: Mana Points. This is the measure of the capacity of mana that a character possesses. All A-Abilities cost a certain amount of MP and when MP equals 0, they cannot be used.
- Atk: Attack. This is the measure of how much physical damage a character can deal. This stat is increased by equipping certain weapons and/or accessories.
- Def: Defense. This is a measure of how much a character can resist physical attacks. This stat is increased by equipping certain armor and/or accessories.
- Int: Intelligence. This is a measure of a character’s knowledge of the workings of mana. In essence, it is how strong a character’s magic is. This stat can be increased by equipping certain weapons and/or accessories.
- Spr: Spirit. This is a measure of how much magical damage or INT-based damage a character can resist. This stat is increased by equipping certain weapons and/or accessories.
- Move: This is a measure of how far a character can move in a turn. Every character has a base movement of 2 cells, but that can be increased depending on which job the character chooses.

Skill Points: These are also a vital part of this game. Skill Points are earned after completing Requests and are used to purchase abilities. A-Abilities cost 1 SP, S-Abilities cost 2 SP, and R-Abilities cost 3 SP. Also, Skill Points can be used to upgrade A-Abilities that you have already learned by increasing their damage (10% intervals), changing the range (1 cell intervals), or adding a special effect (1 effect intervals). For each alteration that you make to the ability, it will cost 1 Skill Point.


Name: Armanthia Collins
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Profession: Puppet Master- The one who claims this Profession uses a Puppet to strike her foes from afar. If the enemy isn't careful, they too can find themselves under her whim.
Level: 1
Exp: 0/10
Weapon: Cotton Strings- Stings used for making puppets, they are made of Cotton Fibers.
Armor: Pale Pink Dress- A Dress colored Pale Pink, it has a heart colored red sewn into it, they are comfortable but not for battle.
Accessory: Heart Pin- A Pin with a heart on it, it looks good when worn in the hair.
A-Ability: Will Manipulation

+ Spirit Needle- Armanthia fires off a needle of spirit energy to pierce her foe.
(Damage: 120% Atk/Effect: Disable 50%/Range: 5 Cells/Mp: 9/Element: --)

+ Manipulate- Armanthia attaches strings to her enemy's muscles, allowing her to move and control them in the same turn.
(Damage: --/Effect: Manipulate/Range: 5 Cells/Mp: 6/Element: --)
A-Ability: Item
R-Ability: None.

+ Spirit Strings- Armanthia's normal Attacks have a range of Infinite.
D-Ability: Puppet Show Massacre- The foes are subject to Armanthia's whim, each one made into a puppet much like her own. She proceeds to having her puppet slaughter them, before returning them to their original form to feel pain.
(Damage: 100% Pierce Int/Effect: Instant Death 10%/Range: All Enemies/Mp: --/Element: --)

Hp: 15 (+5 from Heart Pin)
Mp: 20
Atk: 3 (+1 from Cotton Strings)
Def: 2 (+1 from Pale Pink Dress)
Int: 3 (+1 from Cotton Strings)
Spr: 2 (+1 from Pale Pink Dress)
Move: 2 Cells (+1 from Puppet Master Profession)
Skill Points: 0

Azra Chronicles: Passion 5UCk

Azra Chronicles: Passion Ddf_button
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Azra Chronicles: Passion
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