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 Wells Its time to catch up guys

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The Alpha Wolf

Age : 24
Female Location : In my room, In the Dark with Music on
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Taurus Dog

PostSubject: Wells Its time to catch up guys   Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:18 pm

Basically anything new in your life you can record here

Um yeah here we go time to dump

SOOO i animate now and have an animation that is done however its so horrible I won't be showing anyone until its done
Um I have a full length book written and i'm hoping to get it finished sometime soon.
I have new friends since last year since most of my friends from a while ago either moved or arn't talking to me
I have blonde hair again....well sort of my hair is kicking out my black hair dye so i need to get it done again
I have finished more then 5 animes over the summer....which is really bad consitering what I could do
I looked at my previous drawings of my wolves and well...I'm not impressed with my old art. My style has changed alot!


And I got home from girls camp today....I LOVE SHOWERS!


Current Book: Thirst No.1
Current Anime: Naruto (Episode 72), Bleach (Episode 4), Air (episode 2), Kekkaishi (Episode 9), .Hack season 2 (Episode 1), Spice and Wolf (Episode 12)
Current Animation: none (computer died again)
Current Artwork in Progress:(same for above answer)
Song of the Day:
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Online Good Guy

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Capricorn Rat

PostSubject: Re: Wells Its time to catch up guys   Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:37 am


I finished Wall flower and the Mortle Instrument Series.
I am reading Hallow's moving castle.
I am currently learning how to play William Joseph on the piano.
I am also composing or should I say trying to compose something for one of Jade's songs.
I am getting better and better at drawing anime. >.< Only girls though!!
My brother is on a mission in England.
I am still waiting for the rest of the episodes from Lelouch of the Rebellion to come up somewhere on youtube!
I am learning for to rip stick!
I just got a new silver plated saxophone.
I am getting clutches on my go carts so I can race.
I am also back from girls camp as well.
We (Jade and I and some of Jade's friends) are doing real life rpgs and it's going to be freaking epic.
I am.................... oh I REMEMBER!! I am going to dye my hair balck and blonde when I turn 14 along with get makeup.
I like to race around on my four wheeler when I get bored.
I love to game and I now play Final Fantasy13
I went to Washington boating.
I also write book although I do not do it as much as I used to >.<.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8kgt5hm3IY WITHIN
and then I am slowly learngin how to play Standing the Storm I have the first page of both down though and I am really excited to get better at them and play them for a recital and stuff.
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Age : 26
Male Location : Deep in the heart of Texas
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Pisces Rooster

PostSubject: Re: Wells Its time to catch up guys   Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:20 pm


Gunna be a senior, lookin foward to that
I drive now, so thats a plus
um...i got a girlfriend, so yay
I havent been on here in forever, and i miss you guys...so yeah
And I still cant draw to save my life:)
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Age : 25
Male Location : The lower gate.
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Leo Rooster

PostSubject: Re: Wells Its time to catch up guys   Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:15 pm

I'm working full time now running my restaurant.
I just got a new bass that I'm using for my band.
My band is really starting to come together now. We almost have three songs done and written plus covers of 3DG, mettalica, etc.
Plus a big gig planned in October for a halloween show.
I'm directing a horrow movie for my friend plus another movie I plan on writing.
I get to go to a KISS concert August 7th.
I wont be celebrating my upcoming birthday cause its also close to the anniversary of a dark time in my life...
.......and I'm pretty fucking blazed. XD

RIP Paul Gray 1972-2010
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Online Good Guy

Age : 22
Location : Headed for the Safe Haven.
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Taurus Rat

PostSubject: Re: Wells Its time to catch up guys   Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:46 am

*Tries to sneak in unsuccessfully*

^.^" moving kinda caused me to forget a little bit. But I remembered, and I'm here to stay.

Now, you can obviously guess what the first thing on my list is but...

- I moved to Mexico for a year, my father's job and all.
- I am getting better at online art.
- I am playing the piano a little bit more now.
- I finished my last year in my most favorite art program for the summer T.T
- I am trying to get an internship for the art program as we speak.
- I have started a new Roleplaying Series on another site, but will be bringing one or both of the two written chapters here soon.
- I got a new Mac.
- I'm in my new school's (College, yes I know) production of Hairspray.

I will add to it.


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Live Love Laugh
Live Love Laugh

Age : 22
Female Location : sleeping with the frogs,aligators and snakes....oh and the fishies.. lol
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Cancer Rat

PostSubject: Re: Wells Its time to catch up guys   Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:57 pm

Oooo.. me next...

-got a tooth pulled
- ended the last year of middle school (i failed my math exam to cuz it was HARD)
- summer of 2010!!!<3
-got my tonsils out
-spent 3 weeks recovering practically eating just about nothing...
-turned 14!!!!!
-joined color guard
- went to band camp for 2 weeks (INTENSE CRAP RIGHT THERE!)
-and here we are today , starting school on tuesday imma be a freshmen...!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Wells Its time to catch up guys   

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Wells Its time to catch up guys
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