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 Here they are, stick with them!

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Here they are, stick with them! Empty
PostSubject: Here they are, stick with them!   Here they are, stick with them! EmptyThu Jun 25, 2009 6:48 am

I will try to make this a great forum site Roleplaying! But this dream CANNOT be reality without help, I need you to help me get members.Tell all of your friends.

1. Posting:

~ Remember when posting to think about what you are about to say. Does it apply to the topic? Will it hurt someone's feelings? Will it cause flaming? All of these questions should be asked before hitting the "submit" button.

~ Be sure all posts are above three words, anything below that is useless and considered spam.

2. Flaming, Bashing, and Insulting:

~ Bashing another member is not tolerated, don't do it.

~ Flame wars are uncalled for and will be dealt with severely.

~ Calling another member names or making fun of their idea is inappropriate, even if they are wrong.

~ Saying "no offense" does not excuse the words that follow.

~ My Moderative staff and I work hard to keep the forums clean, any attempt to bash them or myself will result in immediate temp-ban, if the bash is overly severe a perma-ban may take effect. After doing it so many times a perma-ban will come into effect.

~ All of these rules also apply to PMs, don't think you won't be caught.

3. Illegal or Sexual posts, links, and promotion:

~ Do not link a member to anything that contains sexual content, obscene language, mass blood and gore, illegal activities, or virus', spyware, malware, etc.

4. Spamming and Flooding:

~ Do not post rapidly just to increase your post count, it is considered flooding.

~ Posting anything smaller than three words or something that holds no relation to the topic is considered spamming and it will not be tolerated.

5. Bumping:

~ Bumping a topic for no reason is not permitted, if the topic is dead leave it be. If there is a good reason for it feel free to add it into your bump post and avoid a talk with one of my staff members or me.

6. Signature and Avatar Information:

~ No sexual images, words, or links in your signature, this includes banners.

7. Closing Note:

~ If someone is harassing you to contact a mod or admin right away to ensure we can deal with the problem as it is happening.

~ Please follow these simple rules and help make the forums a memorable and fun place for all.

Thanks from Dark Wolf Forums and Staff.

Here they are, stick with them! WHEEEE-1
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Here they are, stick with them!
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