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 Arashi's Oekaki Boutique

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Arashi's Oekaki Boutique Empty
PostSubject: Arashi's Oekaki Boutique   Arashi's Oekaki Boutique EmptySun Oct 04, 2009 10:04 am

Hello all! Welcome to my Oekaki Boutique! I am a skilled Computer Artist and Have talent in Art in real life. If you want something memorable, then I'm your guy. I do have some rules though Wink

~ I will only handle several requests at a time
~ If you don't like my work, suck it up, say thank you and don't use it
~ If I did something wrong feel free to PM me and I'll fix it
~ I finish when I finish, Be Patient
~ Follow the Request Form

Oekaki Form:
What you Want: (Almost Anything can go here)
Height: (Standard is 400)
Length: (Standard is 400)
Reference: (Only needed if it is a made up subject)
Color or Grayscale: (Choose one)

Art Form:
What you want: (Almost Anything can go here)
Color or Grayscale: (Choose one)

Arashi's Oekaki Boutique 5UCk

Arashi's Oekaki Boutique Ddf_button
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Arashi's Oekaki Boutique
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