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 Arashi's Creative Works

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PostSubject: Arashi's Creative Works   Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:45 pm

Okay, I'll post will of my drawings, oekakis, stories, and movies here.

My Latest Work(s) will be Posted here:

While my other works shall be posted as they arrive!


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Online Good Guy

Age : 22
Location : Headed for the Safe Haven.
Posts : 589
Join date : 2009-06-24
Taurus Rat

PostSubject: Re: Arashi's Creative Works   Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:44 pm

Grave Mistake

I had no idea what was in store for me in the next 24 hours. All I had known at the time was that we were finally going to the largest museum in Columbia. We were going, and I was late. I was rushing to get ready, grabbing a cereal bar and running out the door. We were supposed to leave in ten minutes, it took six minutes by car or bus, eight minutes just to ride a bike. If I was to make it with enough time to grab whatever I need from the classroom, and run to the bus, I'd need someone to stall. I reached into my pocket, grabbed my cellphone, flipped it open and called someone I knew would be able to help.

It was agony as the tone rang, my hope started to diminish as it made one long ring. I was about to turn off the phone and try to just run, but just as I started, a voice raised my spirits.

"Hello? Anya? Where are you we're leaving in three minutes." the voice said in a hushed tone

"Shane, listen to me, I'm running late stall for me I'll be there soon." I closed the phone and burst into full sprint, knowing Shane would stall for me.

It didn't take long for me to notice the buses still hadn't left the area. Good Ole' Shane, always watching out for me. I rushed into the school, made it to Mrs. Ruth's classroom, slipped in, taking note that everyone was in a circle around something or someone. I set my stuff down and made my way over to see what this was all about.

"Shane, you should be alright, I hardly knocked into you." Mrs. Ruth tried to calm Shane down.

Shane looked up at me and slowly started to agree with Mrs. Ruth, eventually having everything return to normal. Mrs. Ruth quickly ushered everyone into the bus not bothering to ask me when I got in or where my pass to class was. I didn't care about her though, I was relieved that I was able to go on the trip. It didn't take long for the Bus Ride to get under my skin.

"Hey Anya, Hey Shane."Matt called from the seat where they had been told to sit.

With a sigh of both bliss and disgust I sat down and tried my best to smile. I liked Matt, but when it came to a trip that would take this long, he could get really annoying. He was cool, but when you talk to him he always finds some way to turn the conversation into a list of his achievements or the amount of home runs he hit last baseball season. After what seemed like forever of listening to him, the bus pulled up to the museum, the moon and the stars filling the night sky. We all slipped in a sleepy haze off the bus and followed Mrs. Ruth, watching as the guards turned off the exhibit lights. The entire class soon stood in an enormous room with a large curtain down the middle, each side containing cots.

"Okay Class, now choose where you want your cots, Girls stick on the right side, Boys on the left." Mrs. Ruth directed as everyone shifted to their respective side. "If anyone needs me, I'll be in the room next to you." She added before leaving the room following a sign that said: Bathroom.

I looked away from where she had just been, covered myself with the provided blanket and fell asleep, almost. That's when I heard it, a high pitched scream, sounding somehow like Mrs. Ruth. I looked around and found everyone else still asleep, but how. They should have woken up like I had, especially with a scream like that. Ignoring fact, I got out of the cot and headed to the location of the scream. I entered the exhibit, making out the words "French Revolution" before I entered. I was just about to enter when a hand on my shoulder made me jump out of my skin. I turned to see the outline of Matt, Shane behind him.

"What are you doing here?" I hissed.

"We heard the scream, what the heck! MRS. RUTH!!!" Matt screamed rushing over to the Guillotine exhibit.

"What! What... oh god Mrs.... Mrs... Mrs Ru.... Mrs. Ruth is... she..." I stuttered, trying to pry my eyes away from the sight.

There, laying limp was Mrs. Ruth's body, her neck leaking blood. I looked down to where the blood had spilled to see her head, a knife stuck in her mouth, blood staining the sides of her lips. I felt my heart skip a beat as something moved in the shadows, I wanted to scream, but thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. I looked back at the head, and told myself this was no joke. We stayed quieter than Mrs. Ruth for what seemed to be a year. Matt was the first to break the silence, moving towards the next exhibit.

"I don't know about you to, but I'm going to figure out how this happened." He said as he went towards the next exhibit.

I wanted to stop him, but knew him well enough to know that once he had his mind on something he wouldn't stop. He was just annoying that way, and I couldn't change that. Shane had a different idea completely, he made sure both of us got the point.

"Matt your crazy, I'm going to call the Police... hey... wh... where is my phone..."

My blood ran cold, my hand trembled as I reached into my pocket. To find my phone missing, scared me to death. I always had my phone, even when I slept, to find it not there told me one thing, something bad is happening. What I heard next jolted me back into reality but didn't stop my heart from racing.

"What the... who the... l- LEAVE ME AL- AHHHH!!!"

It was Matt, his screams echoed from the exhibit he had just entered. I ran into it, taking note of the "Age of Piracy" sign. The only thing I saw was a rather large muscular form, jumping from the sinking ship exhibit. The one thing that froze me with fear, the one thing that made him different, was a hook for a hand. It was stained with fresh blood, obviously from Mrs. Ruth and possibly Matt. He turned toward me, crimson red eyes staring straight through my soul. We both stopped in our tracks, everything else melting away, our focus locked onto each other. He was the first to move, towards me at first but then towards the cots.

I never thought I'd move again, speak again, breathe again. I was wrong, thoughts of the man hurting the rest of the class, made me murmur words of terror. I shook it off and wanted to follow, him but Shane grabbed my shoulder.

"Anya, you can't go after him, you'll be killed like Mrs. Ruth and Matt..." He said trying to calm my nerves.

"We have to do something Shane, we can't let him kill everyone else." I answered trying to break away from his grip.

"We need to find a phone and fast..." He told himself heading away from the Exhibit.

"You find the phone, I'll keep him from murdering the rest of the class." I answered running towards the cots.

To see roughly three guys and four girls piled up, blood leaking from various areas of the body. He was making his way to his next victim, his hook getting closer to the girl's neck. Then I did what I believe to be the stupidest thing in my life.

"Hey Freak show, leave sleeping beauty alone!" I shouted, drawing his attention.

The killer got away from the sleeping girl and ran towards me with his bloody hook. This time, his crimson eyes filling with a look of blood lust, his weapon pointed at me. I ran for my life, rushing into the "French Revolution" exhibit. He followed, picking up the pace. I ran past my teacher, knocking down a wax figure of Marie Antoinette, it didn't slow him down. I looked back once and regretted it. He had taken the blade, my teacher's head now speared completely. I continued running for my life, into the "Age of Piracy" exhibit.

"Your not going to get away." I heard a voice gruff and evil.

Without thinking I followed Matt's path and ran up the sunken ship. My heart stopped as I reached the end, forced to turn around. This was the end, unless I could think of something, and quick. The killer moved closer and closer, raising the knife, now without my teacher's head. Not bothering to think I grabbed a rope and jumped from the side of the ship. I heard the ship creak and wood break as the rope was put under stress. I hoped with every fiber of my being that it would hold, but I wasn't so lucky.

"OWWWW!!!" I screamed in pain as I landed with a thud, sliding into the next exhibit.

I tried to move but my body ached in total pain. The killer jumped from the ship, the room shaking as he landed. He then walked slowly but surely towards me, and his look was death. I was finished, I had no shortcuts, no easy way out, no clever tricks to get me out of this. He raised the knife, everything stood still, my blood was colder than ice. His blade came down slowly only to stop as a siren wailed. I took a deep breath as he threw the blade aside and ran away from the entrance.

I don't really remember what happened next, I think Shane showed up with several cops. The medics told me I had broken my leg from the fall and my arm was broke in five different places. I didn't care about that though, all I cared about was the fact that I was alive. Minutes later Shane and a rather large cop approached me, the cop ready to ask questions. He spoke but I listened in to other cops, talking about how he got away and they were not finding traces of DNA anywhere.

"Excuse me Miss, could you please answer my question." The cop stated again, bringing my focus to him.

"Yes Officer, um what was your question?" I asked

"Did the Killer leave any traces that might lead us to his name or any type of sign as to what he might do to kill someone? Any names or an alias?" He repeated his question.

"The Killer had a hook... crimson eyes... killed with a knife and more primitive weapons... he didn't leave a name..." I answered quietly.

"How about we call him Matey... for the Hook... the killing in the Piracy exhibit?" Shane interjected.

"Son I think we'll call him Murderer X, Matey is just too... playful and a little cheesy..." The officer stopped Shane in his tracks.

I didn't pay attention to whatever else they asked though, I didn't want to answer questions. All I thought about was Matt and Mrs. Ruth and everyone else who had died tonight. Sure they all had their annoying qualities, but there were things about them that I had only seen now that they were dead. I looked at the crying students and began to cry myself.


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Arashi's Creative Works
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