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 Roleplaying Discussion

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Discussion   Roleplaying Discussion EmptyThu Nov 12, 2009 11:05 am

This is a general Discussion topic for all Roleplayers. Discuss Ideas, reminisce some of the good ol' times, anything in general.

  • No Spamming - Obvious... You don't need to follow the 5 sentence rule, but still DO NOT post short posts...
  • Share Ideas - It's nice to get some brainstorming, however don't steal ideas... We're all good people, right?
  • Keep the topic general - Talking about one specific RPG makes the topic secluded which isn't that cool
  • There's No Skill here - Don't exclude a roleplayer based on skill, we ALL had to start somewhere!

Have fun! Chat, Brainstorm, Follow the rules, and heck, make sure its RPG related (NOT RPG VIDEO GAMES)

Roleplaying Discussion 5UCk

Roleplaying Discussion Ddf_button
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Roleplaying Discussion
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