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 Dark Wolf Murder Mystery

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PostSubject: Dark Wolf Murder Mystery   Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:32 am

The halls of the Dark Wolf Headquarters are completely empty for once. It is a school night tonight and it is very late. I should not be up at this hour, yet the tendrils of instant gratification and entertainment take hold of me and refuse to relinquish me so that I may enjoy true slumber. That is when I hear a sound. Prior, my footsteps had been the only sound in the area, but other sound...I hear it again. They, too, sound like footsteps. I stop walking, but the sound keeps coming. I grow frightened now and begin to run to the other end of the hall, looking behind me every once in a while to gaze at my pursuer only to see nothing.

With a thud, I bump into someone. Phew...another member..., I think and a relieved smile crosses my face. However, that is only until I see the long, jagged, threatening knife in the member's hand. "What are you doing with that-" I begin, but am cut off. I look down to see the knife plunged deep into my torso, inches away from my heart. The warmth of my own blood permeates my shirt and I gasp for air. My vision grows blurry, and I find myself without life.

* * *

Welcome to the Dark Wolf Murder Mystery~! It looks as though there is a killer among us and the member must be found. Unfortunately, I have been the unfortunate victim for the killer, but any one of you could be next. It is your jobs to find out who it is.

~Rules and Things to Keep in Mind~

1. This event will be similar to a role play.

2. Present tense MUST be used as if it is happening when you post it. An example would be the first two paragraphs of this post.

3. Use first person point of view. A character isn't seeing this...you are. Use "I". Look to the first two paragraphs as an example once again.

4. People are going to lie. If someone confesses to be the killer, they're probably lying. If someone says they're not the killer, they're probably lying. Either way, there is no true way of knowing. The decision upon who the killer is must be anonymous. EVERYONE must agree on who it is. When the killer is decided upon, the remaining members will kill that person. However, if it is the wrong killer, another victim will turn up.

5. When the REAL killer is found or the last person alive dies, the event is over.

6. Every once in a while, the killer will claim another victim. I will post for the killer so that the killer's identity will remain protected. If you are chosen to be a victim, there is nothing you can do. You are dead. The end. No fighting back. No immortality. You are dead.

7. For the dead people--after you are dead, you cannot be brought back to life and you cannot contribute to the pursuance of the killer. So pretty much, you can't post here anymore. It would be pointless.

I think that's everything. ^ ^ Also, I am taking the role of the narrator, so I can speak in third person. The rest of you MUST stick to first.

* * *

The next morning, Arashi's body is still lying in the hallway, his blood forming a horrid puddle on the white marble floor. Attention to the deceased is inevitable and everyone finds themselves at the murder scene.

* * *

Okay people~! Post your thoughts as you discover the scene! What would really go through your mind if you discovered a dead body? Knowing that there was a killer among your friends, what would you do? How would you truly feel? Make it convincing people~! XD



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Dark Wolf Murder Mystery
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