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 Rules of the Roleplaying Board.

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PostSubject: Rules of the Roleplaying Board.   Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:08 am

Rule 1: This board is for RPGs and RPG related topics. No advertising is allowed. Any advertising will be deleted on sight and the member will be warned.

Rule 2: No non-RPG based topics are allowed. This includes but is not limited to:
- Farewell topics.
- Return topics.
- Topics about one's RPing skills.
- Polls that do not directly relate to RPGs. (Next RPG, How a RPG is doing, etc.)
- Asking people to join a RPG or a future RPG.
- Asking people to make a RPG.
- Complaints towards other RPers/Mods on the board. These should directed to the member/mod themself.

Rule 3: Please do not post in RPGs you are not in, it is considered spam.

Rule 4: Please keep romantic scenes at a realistic level. Sex scenes are not allowed as they can get too graphic for the younger members. They will be deleted and you will be warned.

Rule 5: Don't bump dead RPGs, they will be locked and you will be punished.

Rule 6: If you want your RPG closed, please notify us by editing the title of your topic to "Please close" or something by that line.

Rule 7: Be original. Stealing/copying another RPG, is not permitted and the topic will immediately be locked. Persisting in this will result in a warning.

Rule 8: All board rules apply.
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Rules of the Roleplaying Board.
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